WWII conflicts

Western Front (1940-1945)

Great Patriotic War (1941-1945)

Pacific War (1941-1942)

Cold War conflicts

Suez Crisis (1956)

War in Chile (1957-1975)

Cuban Missile Crisis (1962)

Rhodesian conflict (1969-1990)

War in Angola (1975-1994)

Soviet War in Afghanistan (1979-1989)

First War in Alaska (1982)

Post-Cold War conflicts

U.S. war in Panama (1989-1991)

Indochina Conflict (1991-2006)

First Burman War (1992-1996)

Second war in Alaska (1992-1995)

Gulf War (1992-1993)

Caucasian conflict (1994-1996)

Turkestan Civil War (1997-2002)

Second Burman War (1999 - present)

GEACOP war in Afghanistan (2001-2007)

War in Singapore (2008)

Venezuelan-Colombian war (2009-2011)

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