This is a non-inclusive list of wars in the British Louisiana timeline since the Seven Years War.

Year War Parties Notes
1756 1763 Seven Years War Prussia, Great Britain and colonies, Hanover, Portugal, Brunswick, Hesse-Kassel Austria, France and colonies, Russia, Sweden, Spain and colonies, Saxony, Sicily and Naples, Sardinia
1773 1776 Russo-Swedish War of 1773 Sweden Russia Sweden recovers status a regional power
1776 1782 American Revolution United States of America, France, Spain and her colonies Great Britain and her colonies, Portugal and her colonies U.S. of A. becomes independent
1788 1793 French Revolutionary Wars France Great Britain, Spain
1795 Spanish-British War of 1995 Spain, France Great Britain, Portugal
1800 Spanish-American War Spain United States of America
1806 1807 New England Secession War New England United States of America New England secedes from the U.S. of A.
1812 1816 Great War of 1812 Great Britain, United States of Netherlands, France, Russia, Denmark, Venezuela, Chile Spain, Austria, Poland, United States of America, Sweden, Ottoman Empire
1843 1845 Franco-British War of 1845 France Great Britain France (now under the republican flag) becomes a colonial power again
1910 1915 Great Central European War Prussia, Saxony, Ottoman Empire, Slovenia, Italy Austria, Poland, Sicily Poland and Slovenia became independent. Kingdom of Germany formed from the remains of the Central-Eastern German Empire.