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List of Vice Presidents of the Danubian Federation (A Federation of Equals)

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The following is the list of vice presidents the Danubian Federation has had over the years.

No. Picture Name Born-Died Took Office Left Office Party
1 GeorgesdeBellio Ion Horsa Codrinaru 3rd June 1812 — 24th July 1854 5th December 1848 5th January 1852 Pan-Danubian Party
2 József Eötvös Károly Vörös de Nyitra 24th May 1814 — 17th July 1854 5th January 1852 17th June 1854 All-Danubian Conservative Party
The National Emergency Committee 24th July 1854 5th January 1856 Independent/Military Junta
3 Skala Jr Johan Skala Jr. 16th March, 1822 — 5th January 1856 1856 Martial & Security League
Position Vacant 1856 mid-1857
4 Joachim Lelewel Wojciech Gomułka 12th February , 1819 — 29th April 1863 mid-1857 5th January 1860 Independent
5 Bonnat2 Francesco de Palma 29th May 1823 — 11th June 1886 5th January 1860 5th January 1868 Constitutional Union
6 Than Imre Than 12th March 1812 — Winter 1871 5th January 1868 Winter 1871 Federal Democratic Union
Position Vacant Winter 1871 5th January 1872
7 Bonnat2 Francesco de Palma 29th May 1823 — 11th June 1886 5th January 1872 20th August 1885 Constitutional Union
Position Vacant (Alexandros Petrakis unofficially) 25th December 1822 — Autumn 1886 20th August 1885 5th November 1885
8 Fo E Krej Edvard Krejčí 11th January 1820 — Present 5th November 1885 Present Federal Democratic Union

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