All Presidents and Vice Presidents before 1952 are the same. According to the system used by most countries, red means the liberal (Democratic) party, and blue means the conservative (Republican) party.
President Party Term Began Term Ended Vice Presidents
34 Dwight D Eisenhower Republican 1953 1961 Douglas MacArthur
35 John F Kennedy Democrat 1961 1963 Lyndon B Johnson
36 Lyndon B Johnson Democrat 1963 1969 Hubert Humphrey
37 Robert F Kennedy Democrat 1969 1977 Eugene McCarthy, then Jimmy Carter
38 Ronald Reagan Republican 1977 1985 George H W Bush
39 Ted Kennedy Democrat 1985 1993 Mario Cuomo
40 Bill Clinton Democrat 1993 2001 Al Gore (Green)
41 Al Gore Green 2001 2009 Joe Biden (Democrat)
42 Barack Hussein Obama Democrat 2009 Present Hillary Rodham Clinton

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