Flag Name USPS Statehood Population Capital Largest City
Absaroka AB Sheridan Buskie
Flag of Alabama
Alabama AL December 14, 1819 Montgomery
Flag of Alaska
Alaska AK
Flag of Arizona
Arizona AZ
Arkansas AR
California CA Los Angeles
Colorado CO
Conneticut CT January 9, 1788 Hartford Bridgeport
Cuba CU
Flag of Delaware
Delaware DE December 7, 1787 Dover Wilmington
Deseret (maple uprising)
Deseret DT Salt Lake City Salt Lake City
East Hispaniola EH St. Dominic St. Dominic
Florida FL Tallahassee Miami
Georgia GA January 2, 1788 Atlanta Atlanta
Hawaii HI Honolulu Honolulu
Idaho ID
Illinois IL Springfield Chicago
Indiana IN Indianapolis Indianapolis
Iowa IA Des Moines Des Moines
Kansas KS Topeka Wichita
Kentucky KY Frankfort Louisville
Lincoln LI
Louisiana LA New Orleans Baton Rouge
New York NY Buffalo Syracuse
Flag of New York City
New York City NYC New York
Utah St. George St. George

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