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List of US States (Helmet of Victory)

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This is a list of US states as of now. No states have (re)joined the Union since 1965. The total is currently

By Region

Orginial Northeast

  • Flag of New York New York
    • Capital: Albany
    • Largest City: New York City
  • Flag of New Jersey New Jersey
    • Capital: Trenton
    • Largest City: Newark
  • Flag of Pennsylvania Pennsylvania
    • Capital: Harrisburg
    • Largest City: Philadelphia

New England

  • Flag of Vermont Vermont
    • Capital: Montpelier
    • Largest City: Burlington
  • Flag of Massachusetts Massachusetts
    • Capital: Boston
    • Largest City: Boston

Former Confederate States

  • Flag of South Carolina South Carolina
    • Capital: Charleston
    • Largest City: Charleston
    • Date of Readmission: June 4, 1965
  • Flag of Mississippi Mississippi
    • Capital: Jackson
    • Largest City: Jackson
    • Date of Readmission: December 6, 1964

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