These are all partition proposals in the TL's present year (2015).

Proposed States

IdahoProposed DownDifPath

United States if Idaho was accepted.


Regions in Columbia Oregon, and Buffalo have attempted to form the state of Idaho from the area of the old Idaho Territory. It has been rejected numerous times by the three states, but some are still trying to work toward Idaho statehood. Its proposed capital is Twin Falls.


The proposed state of Cascadia is a proposal to merge the states of Oregon and Washington, and the region of California north of Marin County and the Sacramento-American River. Some proposals include Canada's Victoria Island, even the whole entirety of British Columbia, and/or the Alaska Panhandle. If all regions were included in the state, Cascadia would be the second-largest state in area. There have been disputes over who governs Cascadia if British Columbia is included: the US, Canada, or a joint administration. Its proposed capital varies between Olympia, Juneau, Vancouver, Seattle, and Victoria.

New England

Almost near the beginning, there have been proposals to merge the states of Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Aroostook, and later on sometimes Nova Scotia to form the state of New England. In the present day, the first six states are considered the original New England region of the nation, a main reason there are many proposals to merge into one state. Its proposed capital is disputed, but generally accepted as Boston.


Since the statehood of the Mississippis, there have been proposals to unite the area of the Mississippis east of the Alabama River (aka Mobile or Coosa River, depending on region). Its proposed capital is Montgomery.

East and West Florida

Florida has always considered splitting into two states due to cultural differences between mainland Florida and peninsular Florida. A few proposals consider splitting into East and West Florida, named after the historical Spanish territories. The proposed capital of West Florida is Tallahassee, and the proposed capital for East Florida is Fort Pierce.

North and South California

Similar to East and West Florida, northern and southern California have considered splitting. Some proposals put only the Baja California peninsula as South California, which would then be split into Baja California (South) and Alta California (North). However, most proposals place the border somewhere between Los Angeles and Santa Cruz. The proposed capital of North and Alta California is Sacramento, South California Los Angeles, and Baja California La Paz.


The proposal of Delmar includes the whole Delmar Peninsula (not Delmarva, as there is no Virginia on the peninsula like in OTL), so it is portions of Maryland joining with Delaware. The proposed capital is Dover.

Cession proposals

  • Due to Superior's low population, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, and Indiana have expressed interests in annexing the state. If ever, it is likely to be a split between 3 or 4 states.
  • Appalachia rejoining Virginia.
  • Southern part of Nevada, including Las Vegas, being returned to Arizona.
  • The Colorado Panhandle being taken by Oklhahoma.
  • The Buffalo Panhandle being given to Nebraska.
  • The merging of the Mississippis.
  • Entirety of old Orleans Territory being given to Orleans.
  • Montana annexing Absaroka due to low population of the latter.