The following shows the 15 territories of the United States of America. These territories are administered by the Office of Insular Affairs of the U.S. Department of the Interior, while the nature preserves and uninhabited territories are administered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services. Some territories such as Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands have their own National Guard.


Name Flag Location Acquisition Capital Largest City Population

(2013 est.)

American Samoa Flag of American Samoa South Pacific June 7, 1900 Pago Pago Pago Pago
Guam Flag of Guam North Pacific, Micronesia December 23, 1898 Hagåtña Dededo
Northern Mariana Islands Flag of the Northern Mariana Islands North Pacific, Micronesia 1978 Capitol Hill Capitol Hill
United States Virgin Islands Flag of the United States Virgin Islands North Atlantic, Caribbean March 31, 1917 Charlotte Amalie Charlotte Amalie


Name Flag Location
Baker Island Flag of baker island Pacific
Howland Island Flag of howland island Pacific
Jarvis Island Flag of Jarvis Island Pacific
Johnston Atoll Flag of Johnston Atoll (local) Pacific
Palmyra Atoll Flag of Palmyra Atoll (local) Pacific
Kingman Reef Kingman reef flag Pacific
Wake Island Flag of Wake Island Pacific
Midway Island Flag of the Midway Islands (local) Pacific
Navassa Island* Flag of Navassa Island (local) Atlantic

*Disputed with Haiti

Disputed Territory

Note: Disputed with Colombia

  • Bajo Nuevo Bank
  • Serranilla Bank

Former Trust Territory

Flag of the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands

Flag of the TTPI

From July 18, 1947 until October 1, 1994, the U.S. administered the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, a United Nations Trust Territory, but later entered into new political relationships with each of the four political units (one of which is the Northern Mariana Islands listed above, the others being the three freely associated states noted below).

Compact of Free Trade Association

The following states entered a Compact of Free Trade Association: