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List of Tsars of Russia (Reign of Roosevelt)

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Alexander III v2

Alexander IV

This is a list of Tsars of Russia in Reign of Roosevelt


  • Nicholas II, 1894-1920
  • Mikhail II (Acting Regency), 1920-1922
  • Alexander IV, 1922-1938
  • Nicholas III, 1938-Incumbent
    • Titles:
    • Emperor of Russia
    • Titular Prince of Poland
    • Grand Prince of Finland

Other Details of the Russian Royal FamilyEdit


The current Tsesarevich of Russia is Constantine. He is the eldest son of Nicholas III. He is expected to become Constantine II upon his father's death, resignation, or removal from office.


There are currently three other sons of Nicholas III. They are Mikhail, Alexei, and Nicholas, in order from oldest to youngest.

Grand DuchessesEdit

Nicholas III has three daughters; Anastasia, the second child, and Alexandra and Natalia, twins, the fifth and sixth children respectively.

Ancestry of Nicholas IIIEdit

4. Nicholas II of Russia
2. Alexander IV of Russia
5. Alexandra Feodorovna/Alix of Hesse
1. Nicholas III of Russia
6. Ruslan Radov
3. Natalia Ruslanova Radova
7. Anastasia Nikolaevna

Russian Royal Family in Order of Age

  1. Tsar Nikkolay/Nicholas III of Russia
  2. Tsarina Alexia of Russia
  3. Grand Duke and Tsesarevich Constantine Nikolayevich
  4. Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolayevna
  5. Grand Duke Mikhail Nikolayevich
  6. Grand Duke Aleksander Nikolayevich
  7. Grand Duchess Alexandra Nikolayevna
  8. Grand Duchess Natalia Nikolayevna
  9. Grand Duke Nikolay/Nicholas Nikolayevich

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