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List of Tsars of Aleyska (Revolution!)

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# Portrait Name Reign Dynasty
1 Czar Feodor Lermontov Alexander I 1884–1 November 1894 Romanov
2 399px-Nicholas II of Russia painted by Earnest Lipgart Nicholas I 1 November 1894–15 March 1917 Romanov
3 Михаил21934 Michael I 15 March 1917–To be Added Romanov
4 Grand Duke Kirill Vladimirovich Romanov Kirill I 12 October 1876–12 October 1938 Romanov
Vladimir Cyrillovich da Rússia
Vladimir I 12 October 1938–21 April 1992 Romanov
6 Maria Vladimirovna Maria I 21 April 1992 – present Romanov

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