The Supreme Chancellor of the Austro-Hungarian Empire is the head of government of Austria-Hungary. The Supreme Chancellor (German: Obersterkanzler) is responsible to the Congress, and must have the support of that body to hold office. The Supreme Chancellor is nominated by the Congress and formally appointed by the Emperor.

Each Supreme Chancellor represents a political party. Organised parties in Austria-Hungary are formed on a regional basis - therefore, the parties in Congress are loose coalitions of regional parties with similar ideologies.

Current Supreme Chancellor Edi Rama is the first since the office's creation (in 1937) to come from a province outside of either Austria or Hungary.

# Name Took Office Left Office Party
1 Otto Bauer 1930 1938 USD
2 Karl Renner 1938 1940 USD
3 Engelbert Dolfuss 1940 1946 USD
4 Imre Nagy 1946 1950 Liberal
5 Theodore Korner 1950 1957 USD
6 Andras Hegadus 1957 1958 USD
7 Imre Nagy 1958 1970 Liberal
8 Josef Klaus 1970 1974 Liberal
9 Bruno Kreisky 1974 1988 USD
10 Heinz Fischer 1988 1995 USD
11 Peter Boross 1995 2001 Liberal
12 Thomas Klestil 2001 2003 Liberal
13 Edi Rama 2003 Incumbent USD

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