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List of Sultans of Qoyunlu (Principia Moderni II (Map Game))

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This page only shows ruler of (Aq) Qoyunlu since 1457.

Name Start o'rule End o'rule Notes
Uzun Hassan bin Ali 1457 1486
  • Doesn't adopt the term Sultan, considers himself a Bey of Qoyunlu.
Mahmoud bin Marwan 1486 Ruler of East Qoyunlu (at 9 years old)
Muhammad bin Marwan 1486 Ruler of West Qoyunlu (at 10 years old), Caliph of the Muslim world.
Ibrahim bin Marwan 1486 Ruler of Iraq (at 6 years old, Abdullah's twin)
Abdullah bin Marwan 1486

Ruler of Persia (at 6 years old, Ibrahim's twin)

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