Dynasty of Alp Tegin

  • Alp Tegin 1150-1155
  • Interregnum 1155-1156

Khosrid Dynasty

  • Sanjar Khosru 1156-1168
  • Tuymish 1168-1175
  • Joint rule of Tariq and Jarid ibn al Tuymish 1175

Non Dynastic

  • Mustapha Iltumish al Baraq of Herat 1175-1179
  • Haseem (Pretender grandson of Alp Tegin) 1179

Khosrid Dynasty (restored)

  • Rashid ibn al Tuymish 1179
  • Aibaka 1179-1180

Non Dynastic

  • Selim al Bartooq 1180-1192

Dynasty of Alp Tegin (restored)

  • Sanjar II, the Magnificent 1192-1199
  • Regency Council 1199-1200

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