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Country Warheads active/total Date of first test CTBT status Notes
United States United States 12,100 16 July 1945 ("Trinity") Signatory First nation with nuclear weapons
Russia Russia 8,420 29 August 1949 ("RDS-1") Ratifier
Reunited United KingdomUnited Kingdom 225 3 October 1952 ("Hurricane") Ratifier
France France 298 13 February 1960 ("Gerboise Bleue") Ratifier
Flag of the Republic of ChinaChina 16 October 1964 ("596") Signatory
Flag of South Africa (NotLAH)South Africa 400 Signatory
ANZ Union Flag with the golden ratioOceania 463 17 June 1972 Signatory
Non-NPT nuclear powers
Flag of IndiaIndia 50-100 18 May 1974 ("Smiling Buddha") Non-signatory
Undeclared nuclear powers
Flag of IsraelIsrael Unknown (possibly 22 September 1979) Signatory
Pa-o nationality flagSusquehanna None Unknown


(Part of US at the time of Treaty)

Confirmed lack of nuclear arsenal, despite claims

ScandinavianEmpireScandinavia None Unknown Defunct nation, all nuclear weapons secured
NATO Nuclear Sharing powers
Flag of Belgium (civil)Belgium 20
NotLAHfourth ReichGermany 40
Flag of Italy (Myomi Republic)Italy 50
Flag of the NetherlandsNetherlands 20
Flag of CanadaCanada
Flag of GreeceGreece

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