List of rulers of the Netherlands


Stadtholders of Friesland and Groningen

  • John William Friso of Orange (1696-1702)

Stadtholders of Holland, Zeeland, and Utrecht

  • William III of Orange (1672–1702)

Stadtholders of Guelders and Overijssel

  • William III of Orange (1675–1702)


House of Orange

  • John William I (1702-1733)
  • William IV (1733-1755)
  • William V (1755-1787)
  • William VI (1787-1821)
  • William VII (1821-1853)
  • William VIII (1853-1871)
  • William IX (1871-1904)
  • William X (1904-1943)
  • William XI (1943-1981)
  • William XII (1981-date)

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