Following is a list of Sovereigns of Poland. The list covers three periods: the Legenday Kings, the early Piast dynasty, and the Reunification period.

Legendary Kings

Name Lifespan Reign Dynasty Notes
Lech Lechite Founder of Poland
Krakus Lechite Founder of Krakow
Krakus II Lechite
Lech II Lechite

Before Disunification (960-1138)

Name Lifespan Reign Dynasty Notes
Mieszko I 940-992 960-992 Piast First Christian
Boleslaw I 967-1025 992-1025 Piast
Mieszko II 990-1034 1035-1031 Piast
Civil War 1031-1039 5 Disputed Kings
Kazimierz I 1016-1058 1039-1058 Piast "the Restorer"
Boleslaw II 1041-1082 1058-1079 Piast
Wladyslaw 1044-1102 1079-1102 Piast
Zbygniew 1073-1113 1102-1107 Piast
Boleslaw III 1086-1138 1107-1138 Piast

Since Reunification (1314-

Name Lifespan Reign Dynasty Notes
Wladyslaw I 1261-1333 1320-1333 Piast Reunification
Kazimierz III 1310-1370 1333-1370 Piast Last Piast
Ludwik 1326-1382 1370-1382 Anjou "of Hungary"
Jadwiga 1374-1399 1384-1399 Anjou
Wladyslaw II 1362- 1386- Gediminid

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