• Hassan-i Sabbah (1090–1124)

Artistic Rendering of Hassan-i-Sabbah

  • Buzurg-Ummid (1124–1138)
  • Muhammad I of Alamut (1138–1162)
  • Hassan II of Alamut (1162–1166)
  • Muhammad II of Alamut (1166–1210)
  • Hassan III (The Great) of Alamut (1210–1235)
  • Zayn I of Alamut (1235-1237)
  • Ostad of Alamut (1237-1249)
  • Asadel of Alamut (1249-1254)
  • Tammam I of Alamut (1254-1270)
  • Ghalib of Alamut (1270-1279)
  • Tammam II of Alamut (1279-1283)
  • Dirar (The Wise) of Alamut (1283-1297)
  • Fu'ad of Alamut (1297-1310)
  • Butrus I (The Rock) of Alamut (1310-1349)
Was besieged for 18 years by Chulunn Khan. He held out, earning him the title of "The Rock" for his determination against his agressors. Ruled longer than any other known sheikh.
  • Muhammad III of Alamut (1349-1356)
  • Mustafa of Alamut (1357-13??)
  • Successor Unknown (13??-1373)
  • Butrus II of Alamut (1373-1390)
  • Samuel of Acre (1390-1398)
  • Joshua of Acre (1398-1402)
  • 1402-1423 records lost
  • Muhammad IV of Alamut (1423-1431)
  • Constantine I of Alamut (1431-1453)
  • Jacob of Alamut (1453-1456)
  • Abdul al-Malik (1456-1457)
  • Jacob of Alamut (1457-1465)
  • Yuusuf Of Alamut (1465-????[at least 1473])
Following the rule of Yuusuf, internal strife in the Assassins led to an entire section of the organisation breaking off, taking with it the records of Alamut. Part of the records were destroyed or damaged. From these records, known as the chronicles of Alamut, we know the rulers of the Assassins up to 1473, when the section broke off. The recent invention of printing in Europe made it impossible for the Assassins to take back the records. They were also in shambles following their civil war and did not recognize the desertion of the section for what it was until it was too late.
  • 1473-Present
The leaders of the Assassins are unknown past 1473. They still exist, of that there is no doubt. Many political and royal figures have been speculated of being the lease of the Assassins, but little proof exists to accuse any individual of these claims.

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