The title, Shah of Persia , is the highest title of nobility and power that any Persian can hold. He is both the Head of State and Head of Government. He inherits his position, and is originally called the Shahzada, or the Crown Prince, until his father (or current Shah) dies.

The official title of the current Shah of Persia is: Shahanshah Suleiman II Askari, of the Persian Empire, Shah of Persia, Sultan of Arabia.

Suleiman II is unique in that he was awarded the title Sultan of the Nejd while he was Shahzada, so he retained the title.When it became the Sultanate of Arabia, he still retained it. It is still uncertain if it will stay in the Askari line or not.

List of Shahs

A list of Shahs of Persia since the fall of the Caliphate.

Name Dynasty Reign Span Lifespan
Ali Askari 1576-1612 (36) 1557-1612 (55)
Reza Askari 1612-1636 (24) -1636
Suleiman I Askari 1637-1662 (25) -1662
Arsuf I Askari 1662-1683 (21) -1683
Suleiman II Askari 1683-
Arsuf II Askari ^

^ Currently Shahzada.

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