Shahanshah (شاهنشاه) is a Persian word that means "King of Kings", used for the rulers of Persia.

This list includes Shahanshahs of Persian Empire since Qajar dynasty raised to power.

# Portrait Name Lifespan Reign Notes
1 MohammadKhanQajari Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar 1742-1797 1789-1797 United Persia, raised Qajar dynasty to power, made Tehran the capital.
2 An Early Painting of Fath Ali Shah Fath-Ali Shah Qajar 1772-1834 1797-1834 Agha Mohammed Khan's nephew, lost remarkable land in the Causacus and fought Russo-Persian Wars.
3 Mohammad Shah Qajar Mohammad Shah Qajar 1808-1848 1834-1848 Fath-Ali Shah's grandson, tried and failed to capture Herat in 1838.
4 Nasrettin Şah Kaçar Naser al-Din Shah Qajar 1831- 1848- Mohammad Shah's son

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