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List of Russian Tsars (The Third Rome)

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Russia's rulers have had a long family line, interweaving the family lines of most other European nations. Listed below are the Tsars from the POD moving forward.

Vasili III 1505-1533
Elena Glinskaya 1533-1548
Ivan IV (Ivan the Terrible) 1548-1584
Ivan V 1584-1588
Ivan VI 1588-1605
Vasili IV (regent) 1605-1610
Yvgenia Ivanovna 1605-1610
House of Vasa/Vaza
Sigizmynd Vaza (regent)
Vladislav Vaza 1610-1648
Jan II Kazimier (regent) 1648-1658
Zygmund Kazimierz 1648-1688
House of Romanov
Peter I
Catherine I
Peter II
Ivan VII

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