This page lists the rulers of the Mughal Empire since its creation in 1455.

Timurid Dynasty

Name Portrait Birth Marriages Death
Zahir-ud-din Muhammad Babur
MuhammadBahadurPMIII 13 January 1433
(1) Aisha Sultan Begum
two daughters
(2) Maham Sultan Begum
four sons
(3) Narghul Sultan Begum
five children
(4) Gulnar Sultan Begum
one daughter
Kamran-ud-din Muhammad Mirza
MuhammadMirzaPMIII 4 May 1451
son of Aryan
(1) Priya Sultan Begum
three daughters
(2) Anjali Sultan Begum
one son
(3) Rati Sultan Begum
two children
(4) Vena Sultan Begum
no issue

Rathore Dynasty

Name Portrait Birth Marriages Death
Raja Singh-ud-din Muhammad Bahadur
(Raja Singh)
5 March 1477


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