Sultan of the Gurkani Sultanate
Sultan Tahmasp Shah Mirza
since 1512

The Gurkani Sultans belong to the Gurkani Dynasty which is the main branch of the original Timurid Dynasty. During the 15th Century, the Gurkani Sultans built the Gurkani Sultanate in Central Asia and the Levant, mainly corresponding to the regions of Persia, Transoxiana, Khorasan, Iraq and Eastern Anatolia. The dynasty was of Central Asian Turko-Mongol origin, but has since developed into a Turko-Persian dynasty due to marriages with Persian nobles, mainly the Muzaffarids and Mihrabanids. Centered in Isfahan, the Sultans have claimed direct descent from both Timur and Genghis Khan, through his son Chagatai Khan.

The sheer size and strength of the Empire has led many to refer to it as the greatest Empire the world has ever known, primarily due to the Gurkani rulers controlling an Empire extending from the Indus River in the East to Adana in the West, Crimea in the North to the Persian Gulf in the South. It's population has been estimated to be between 50 million and 60 million, over a territory of more than 2.5 million square meters. 

Monarchs of the Gurkani SultanateEdit

# Name
(Born – Died)
Portrait Reign Succession right Remarks
Years Dynasty
1 Shahrukh
(1377 - 1434)
1410 - 1434
24 years
Mirza Son of Timur Established the Gurkani Sultanate
2 Ulugh Beg
(1394 - 1462)
1434 - 1445
11 years
Son of Shahrukh Abdicated the throne
3 Zeeshan
(1415 - 1468)
1445 - 1468
23 years
Son of Ulugh Beg Created the position of Caliph
4 Salman
(1435 - 1480)
1468 - 1480
12 years
Son of Zeeshan Overthrown by Suleiman
5 Suleiman
"the Magnificent"
(1443 -1512)
1480 - 1512
32 years
Brother of Salman Created the post of Grand Vizier
6 Tahmasp
(1495 -)
1512 -
? years
Son of Suleiman