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List of Rulers of the Bahmani Sultanate (Principia Moderni IV Map Game)

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Sultan of the Bahmani Sultanate
Nehal Shah
since 1512

Sultans of the Bahmanis

Only post-1400 Sultans are shown.

Portrait Name Birth Reign Death Remarks
Shivaji British Museum
Firuz Shah
فیروز شاه
 ? 1397-1422
(25 years)
Ali Barid Shah of Bidar
Ali Nadeem Shah
علي ندیم شاه
1402 1422-1445
(23 years)
(Age 43)
Sher Shah Suri by Breshna
Ismail Shah
شاه ‎إسماعيل‎
1429 1445-1486
(41 years)
(Age 57)
Muhammad Shah (PMIV)
Muhammad Shah
محمد شاه
1447 1486-1512
(26 years)
(Age 65)
Nehal Shah
نهال شاه
1464 1512-

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