King of al Yemen of The Sultanate of Yemen
Malik e al Yemen
Coat of arms of Mutawakkilite Kingdom of Yemen

Aved, Jacques-Andre-Joseph-439767
Ahmad bin Usman al Mahri bin Fadhle
since 1568

Style: His Royal Majesty
Heir apparent: Shuja bin Usman al Mahri bin Fadhle
First monarch: az-Zafir Amir
Residence: Sana'a
Reigning house: Fadhle

This page lists all the rulers of Yemen

Caliphs of Yemen

House of Rasulid 

Portrait Ruler Began Ended Remarks
Screenshot 5
Nur-ad-Din Umar I 1229 1249 Fought against Ayyubid control over Yemen and declared independence, forming the second Yemeni major state in history
Screenshot 4
Al-Muzaffar Yousaf I 1249 1295
Screenshot 6
Al-Ashraf Umar II 1295 1296
Screenshot 2
Al-Mu'ayyad Da'ud 1296 1322
Screenshot 10
Al-Mujahid Ali 1322 1363
Screenshot 7
Al-Afdal Al-Abbas 1363 1377
Screenshot 11
Al-Ashraf Isma'il I 1377 1400 Murdered by Mamluk assailants due to his refusal to hand over the throne to the Mamluk Sultan
Screenshot 8
Al-Nasir Ahmad 1400 1415 Abolish the Caliphate and allowed Mamluks to establish control over Yemen

Emirs of Yemen

House of Rasulids

Portrait Ruler Began Ended Remarks
Screenshot 8
Al-Nasir Ahmad 1415 1425 First Emir of Yemen after the abolishment of the Caliphate and entry of Yemen as a Mamluk province
Screenshot 12
Al-Muhammad Ahmad 1425 1435 Son in law of the First Emir Al-Nasir Ahmad who succeeded the throne following the death of the Emir due to the Emir not having a male issue 
Screenshot 45
Al-Nasir Ahmad II 1435 1440 Last Emir of Yemen after a revolt against the Mamluks and the regicide against the House of Rasulid

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