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List of Rulers of Wessex (Anglia The Great)

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The Kingdom of Wessex was a medieval nation in southern Britain. From the mid-eighth century to the tenth century, Wessex was the primary Anglo-Saxon power in Britain, and after defeating and subsequently absorbing the Viking-influenced East Anglia and Mercia in 942, formed the Kingdom of Englaland.

House of Wessex (from 867)

The House of Wessex was the primary ruling house of the eponymous Kingdom.

  • Alfred (871 – 878)
  • Edward (878 – 889)
  • Æthelmund (889 – 914)
  • Æthelcyn (914 – 926)
  • Æthelric (or Ethelric, Althric) the Great (926 – 942)

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