This is an Article about the Rulers of the Russian State between the years 1492 and whenever Principia Moderni will finish. Not all of these are real people, due to minor PoDs during the timeline, some are real and some are false, as are their dates of reign.

the list will start upon the year 1493, even if Ivan III started his rule in

If a regent is present, the year of sole rule (rule without a regent) is presented in brackets.

ex. 1332(1400) means that the reign of king X officially started in 1332, but before 1400 a regent ruled in his place. and he only started self-rule in 1400

Grand Princes of the Union of Greater Russia

Portrait Name Reign Started Reign Ended Notes
Ivan III of Russia
Ivan III



1505 United Novgorod and Moscow
Vasilii III
Vassili III 1505 1533 son of Ivan
Ivan the Terrible (cropped)
Ivan IV 1533(1544) 1547

son of Vassili,

ascended to throne at age of 3

regent Byar families ruled from 1533-1544

Tsars (and Grand Dukes) of all Russias And Lithuania


Portrait Name Reign Started Reign Ended Notes
Ivan the Terrible (cropped)
Ivan IV 1547 1584

First Tsar of Russia,

engaged in first Russo-Swedish conflict

Ivan V
Ivan V 1584 1598 Son of Ivan IV
None Available Dimitri I 1598 1608 Died Childless. Beginning of interdynastic period


Portrait Name Reign Started Reign Ended Notes
Basil IV
Vassili IV shuiski 1608 1610

Highly demonized for war against China and Asia.

Severed alliance with Anglo-Germany

Council of Boyars Zemski sobor June 1610 October 1610 seved until new tsar elected


Portrait Name Reign Started Reign Ended Notes
Tsar Mikhail I -cropped
Mihail I Romanov 1610 1645 Relative(nephew?) of Ivan IV's first wife
Alexis I of Russia
Alexi I Romanov 1645 1679
Tsar Fydor III -cropped
Feodor I Romanov 1679 1682
Ivan VI 1682(1689) 1699 co-Tsar with Peter I until death in 1699
Peter der-Grosse 1838
Peter (Pyotr) I "The Great" 1682(1689) 1708 Became Emperor

Emperors and Autocrats of All the Russias (and Lithuania)

Portrait Name Reign Started Reign Ended Notes
Peter der-Grosse 1838
Peter (Pyotr) I "the Gerat" 1708 1725 left throne to unknown man
Catherine I of Russia by Nattier
Catherine I of Russia 1725 1727 wife of Peter
Peter II by unknown
Peter(Pyotr) II 1727 1737 Grandson of Peter I
Dolgorukaya pskov
Catherine II 1737 1742 Wife of Peter II, second woman to ascend to the throne
Carle Vanloo, Portrait de l’impératrice Élisabeth Petrovna (1760)
Elizabeth I 1742 1763 Daughter of Peter I
200px-Coronation portrait of Peter III of Russia -1761
Peter III February 1763 May 1763 Nephew of Elizabeth
1780s or 1770 catherine ii
Catherine III "The Great" 1763 1797 Wife of Peter III,
Paul i russia
Paul I 1797 1801 Changed title to High Tsar of Poland-Lithuania, Son of Catherine III
Alexander I 1801 1825
Constantine I 1825 1831 Brother of Alexander, Lifted Pauline Law
Maria I 1831 185
Alexander II 1870 by Sergei Lvovich Levitsky
Paul II
Emperor Alexander III of Russia
Alexander II 1897
Tsar Nikolai II (2)
Nicolas I 1897 Incumbent

Regents of Russia

Portrait Name Regency Started Regency Ended Notes
Boyar Fmilies Various 1533 1544 many coups as boyar families competed for power. Ivan became of age in 1544 and many of these were deported or executed
Sophia Alekseyevna hermitage
Sophia Alexeevna Romanova 1682 1689 Forcibly Sent to the Convent by peter in 1689 after desiring of Sophia to have more power

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