Supreme Prince of The Grand Union of Finns, Balts and Slavs
The Seal of the Grand Prince of Pskov
Alexander II by E.Botman (1856, Russian museum) Red sash cropped
Evgeni Alexandrovich Kondratiev

since 1892
Style His Supreme Princely Grace
Residence Pskov Krom (Kremlin)
Appointer Electoral Council
Term length At the Council's Pleasure
Inaugural holder [Sudislav]
Formation 1035
Succession Elective

This list details the ruling prince of Pskov from 1402 onward. For the list of Princes before 1399, see this page, between 1399 and 1402 the Republic was a Muscovian vice regency. The Prince of Pskov was picked by the Veche to serve for life or until he is dismissed, and as his reign is dependent on the people's will, unlike most other European monarchs or heads of state, his titular preamble instead of being "by the grace of God" reads "By the will of the Veche (Pskovian Assembly)"


Title of the Current Head of State

We, (Name) By the will of the Veche and the people Velikiy Knyaz of Pskov, Grand Duke of Lithuania, Knyaz of Belarus, König of Prussia, Consul of Eesti and Latvia, and of the Whole Union Verkhovniy Knyaz (Supreme Prince)

Titles of Viceroys

König-Statthalter of the United Republic

Velikiy Knyaz-Namestnik of Pskov

Didžioji Viršininkas of Lithuania

Knyaz-Namestnik of Belarus

Vice-Consul of Latvia

Vice-Consul of Eesti


Princes (Knyazes) of Pskov

Portrait Name Colloquial Reference Start reign End Reign Reason
1 Sin foto Afanasiy Vladimirovich Shuyski Afanasiy Osvoboditel (The Liberator) 1402 1415 Death
2 Sin foto Vladislav Demidovich Meshenikov Vladiskav Tikhiy (The Calm) 1415 1428 Death
3 Sin foto Pavel Alexandrovich Petrov Pavel Monetnik (The Minter) 1428 1441 Death
4 Sin foto Artem Leonidovich Zaytsev Stariy Zayets (The Old Hare) 1441 1473 Death
5 Sin foto Vladimir Artemovich Zaytsev Molodoi Zayets (The Young Hare) 1473 1501 Death
6 Sin foto Ivan Feodorovich Lavrov Ivan Diplomat (The Diplomat) 1501 1524 Death
7 Sin foto Ilya Romanovich Shuisky Ilya Mirniy (The Peaceful) 1524 1539 Death
8 Sin foto Rusan Nikolaevich Karlov Ruslan Gorevshiy (The Burned) 1539 1547 Dismissal
9 Sin foto Genadi Arkadich Soloviev Genadiy Feniks (The Phoenix) 1547 1568 Resignation
10 Sin foto Dimitri Borisovich Sokolov Dimitri Zashitnik (The Defender) 1568 1601 Death
11 Sin foto Leonid Petrovich Zaytsev N/A 1601 1608 Resigned
12 Ivan V Stepan Ilych Lavrov Stepan Zavoevatel' (The Conqueror) 1608 1614 Elevated to Grand Prince

Grand Princes(ses) of Pskov

Portrait Name Colloquial Reference Start reign End Reign Reason
1 Ivan V Stepan Ilych Lavrov Stepan Zavoevatel' (The Conqueror) 1614 1638


2 Queen in the North Elena Mikhailovna Kondratieva Elena Velikaya (The Great) 1638 1668 Elevated to Supreme Princess

Supreme Princes(ses) of the Union

Portrait Name Colloquial Reference Inauguration Reign End Reason
1 Queen in the North Elena Mikhailovna Kondratieva Elena Velikaya (The Great) 1668 1703

Died three weeks before official resignation

2 Sin foto Bajan Ivan Torkvat Karlović I of Croatia Ivan Harvat (The Croat) 1703 1745 Death
3 Gannibal I A Nicolai Feodorovich Zaytsev Posledniy Zayets (The Last Hare) 1745 1755 Dismissal
4 John Paul Jones by Charles Wilson Peale, c1781 Erik von Einzbern 1755 1775 Resignation
5 Lampi Portrait of DeRibas Hermitage 1796 Daniil Gostautas 1775 1805 Resignation
6 AdmFFUshakoffByBazhanoff-e Alexander Dimitrievich Golitsin 1805 1827 Dismissal
7 Suvorov A A-bu Kruger General Vilkas Strassen 1827 1843 Resignation
8 Prinz Otto von Bayern Koenig von Griechenland 1833 Martin Taam 1843 1863 Resignation
9 Konstantin Makovsky Nikolay-Muravyov-Amursky 1863 cropped Ilya Semashko 1863 1892 Resignation
10 Alexander II by E.Botman (1856, Russian museum) Red sash cropped Evgeni Alexandrovich Kondratiev 1892 INCUMBENT

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