Monarchs and Prime Ministers of the Kingdom of Georgia

Rule Monarch Period Prime Minister Party Notes
1776–1777 Archibald 1775–1777 George Walton
1777–1806 James I
1806–1813 John
1813–1849 James II
1849–1884 Martha
1884–1919 Theodore

Presidents of the first Republic of Georgia

Period President Party Notes
1915–1920 Nestor Johnson
1920–1925 Robert Brown
1925–1930 'James Bulloch
1930–1935 Richard Sanders
1935–1940 John Roberts
1940–1945 Henry Thomson
1945–1950 David McCaine Socialist

Presidents of the second Republic of Georgia

Period President Notes
1950–1961 General Richard Montgomery
1961–1968 General Emile Rodham
since 1968 George Wallace

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