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The King of France is the head of state of the Kingdom of France. The current ruling dynasty of Kings is the Valois Dynasty. Some kings have earned their names in history either because of their great reigns or because of their despicable actions.

Arms and Style of French Sovereigns

Valois Dynasty

The Valois Dynasty is the ruling family of the Kingdom of France, as well as the Duchies of Alençon, Anjou, Burgundy, Orléans, and the County of Angoulême. The House of Valois is a cadet branch of the House of Capet, and rose to prominence and took control of the French throne in 1328. Their title to the throne was based on a precedent in 1316 (popularly known in the English-speaking world as the Salic law), which excluded females (Joan II of Navarre) as well as male descendants through the distaff line (Edward III of England), from the succession to the French throne.

List is from 1400 to the present.

Name Portrait Birth Marriages Death
Charles VI the Mad
16 September 1380 - 8 January 1400
Charles VI de France 3 December 1368
Paris, France
Isabeau Wittelsbach
six children
21 February 1418
Hôtel Barbette,
Paris, France
"Deux Lis" Regency
Queen Consort Isabeau Wittelsbach and Bishop Nicolas du Bosc
8 January 1400 - 21 February 1418
Louis XI the Ambitious
21 February 1418 - 30 September 1455
Charles-VII-retable-parlement-Paris 22 January 1397
Paris, France
Maria Trastámara
four children
30 September 1455
Paris, France
Charles VII the Unfortunate
30 September 1455 - 14 April 1465
Charles VII of France PM4 24 December 1416
Paris, France
Isabella of Lorraine
one child
14 April 1465
Paris, France
Charles VIII the Young
14 April 1465 - 4 May 1472
Louis XI 7 February 1445
Nancy, Lorraine
Benedetta Visconti
no children
4 May 1472
Paris, France
Louis XII
4 May 1472 - Present
Louis-xii-roi-de-france 24 June 1461
Château de Blois, Orléans, France
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