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List of Rulers of Brittany (Bella Gerant Alii)

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Name Tenure Ducal House Relation Spouses Notes
Anna of Brittany (1488-1514) House of Dreux-Montfort Daughter of previous (Francis II)

1. Maximilian I of Austria

2. Geoffrey of Angers

Henrietta (1514-1554) House of Angers Daughter of previous

1. Francis III of Aquitaine


Personal union with Aquitaine
Francis III (1554-1561) House of Foix Husband of previous 1. Henrietta of Brittany Formally unified with Aquitaine


Francis III of Aquitaine (Bella Gerant Alii)Henrietta of Brittany (Bella Gerant Alii)Anna of Brittany (Bella Gerant Alii)House of Foix (Bella Gerant Alii)House of Angers (Bella Gerant Alii)House of Dreux-Montfort (Bella Gerant Alii)

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