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List of Roumelian Monarchs (The Monarchies Map Game)

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The Roumelian monarchy is the head of the state in the Great Principality of Roumelia. Founded in 1680 along with the country, the Bulgarian tradition always influenced the monarchs. It is to be noted that Roumelia is no considered the successor of the two Bulgarian Empires, and so does not follow the numeration of the emperors.

House Valchev (1680-today)

Portrait Name Reign Notes
Anonym Herzog Philipp Wilhelm
Aleksander I

27 March 1680 - 26 ctober 1687

Founder of the House Valchev and of the Great Principality of Roumelia after a successful revolt against the Ottoman Empire.
Aleksander II
Aleksander II

26 October 1687 - present

First son of Aleksander I.

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