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List of Roman kings of the HRE (Chaos)

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List of Roman kings of the Holy Roman Empire (Chaos)
Name Dynasty Country Reign Comment
Ottokar I Przemysl Moravia and Carinthia 1273-86 First divergence
Rudolf Habsburg 1286-91
Ludwig IV Wittelsbach Bavaria 1291-95
Otto IV Ascanian Brandenburg 1295-1309
Heinrich VII Luxemburger Luxemburg 1309-20 last historical king from OTL; emperor since 1312
Ottokar II Wittelsbach Bavaria 1321-47 emperor since 1334
Karl IV Luxemburger Luxemburg 1347-58 emperor since 1353
Albrecht Wettin Saxony 1359-81
Gerhard I Schauenburger Holstein and Holland 1381-1406 emperor since 1394
Gerhard II Schauenburger Holstein and Holland / Netherlands 1406-30 emperor since 1418
Gerhard III Schauenburger Netherlands 1430-54 emperor since 1439
Ottokar III Przemysl Carinthia 1454-59 also anti-king 1408-13
Reinald I Wassenberg Geldern 1459-72
Heinrich VIII Luxemburger Luxemburg 1472-81 initiated the Twenty-Year War
Karl V Luxemburger Luxemburg 1495-1511 now accepted as king
Franz I Berry France 1511-35 emperor since 1514
Karl VI Berry France 1535-56 emperor since 1537
Karl VII Berry France 1556-83 emperor since 1559
Franz II Berry France 1583-86 emperor in 1586
Alexander Bruce Scotland 1586-88
Eduard I Wassenberg Geldern / Netherlands 1588-1612 emperor-elect since 1600
Waldemar Ascanian Brandenburg 1612-48 nicknamed "Cicero"; emperor-elect since 1619
Karl VIII Bourbon Hungary 1648-64 emperor-elect since 1652
Franz III Berry France 1664-81
Franz IV Álvarez Sicily 1682-95
Georg Wettin Thuringia-Weimar 1695-99
Eduard II Wassenberg Geldern / Netherlands 1699-1722
Ignaz Nassauer Nassau 1722-34
Heinrich IX Ascanian Brandenburg 1734-54
Franz V Wittelsbach Bavaria 1754-65
Ludwig V Eberhardiner Württemberg 1765-72
Stanislaus Koniecpolski Poland 1772-84

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