The Princess-Abbesses of Quedlinburg are dated from the rule of Matilda, the daughter of Emperor Otto I.

Virtually all of the Catholic Abbesses took the veil. On conversion to Lutheranism the Abbesses remained secular figures and on full-secularization in 1747 the title changed to plain 'princess'. The crown is elected.

Princess-Abbesses of Quedlinburg
Name Portrait Dates of Rule
Matilda (955-999)
Adelaide I (999-1044)
Beatrice I (1044-1062)
Adelaide II (1062-1096)
Elicia (1096-1110)
Agnes I (1110-1126)
Gerberga (1126-1137)
Beatrice II (1137-1160)
Meregart I (1160-1161)
Adelaide III (1161-1184)
Agnes II (1184-1203)
Sophia I (1203-1226)
Meregart II (1226-1248)
Osterlinde I (1248-1257)
Agnes III (1257-1278)
Jutta (1278-1313)
Luitgard (1313-1353)
Elizabeth I (1353-1356)
Osterlinde II (1356-1381)
Adelaide IV (1381-1437)
Anna I (1437-1476)
Sophia II (1476-1503)
Elizabeth II (1503-1539)
Anna II (1539-1581)
Anna III (1581-1620)
Sophia III (1620-1653)
Susanna (1653-1666)
Eleonore (1666-1698)
Sophie Elizabeth (1698-1735)
Anna Sophia (1735-1747)
Princesses of Quedlinburg
Name Portrait Dates of Rule
Caroline Frederica (1747-1768)
Anna IV (1768-1800)
Elizabeth Maria (1800-1825)
Amalia Frederica (1825-1860)
Elizabeth III (1860-1884)
Sophie Ulrika (1884-1914)
Elizabeth IV (1914-1920)
Anna Charlotte (1920-1936)
Dorothea (1936-1964)
Magdelena (1964-1975)
Charlotte (1975-1996)
Sophia Louise (1996-)

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