This is a list of Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom, and its predecessor state the Kingdom of Great Britain and United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, from when the first Prime Minister (in the modern sense), Robert Walpole, took office in 1721, until the present day. The office is currently held by David Cameron.

Editor's note: The list is identical to that of OTL until the premiership of H.H. Asquith, who begins this list.

Name Took office Left office Party
H.H. Asquith 1908 1917 Liberal
David Lloyd George 1917 1922 Liberal
Austen Chamberlain 1922 1929 Conservative
Arthur Henderson 1929 1930 Labour
Stanley Baldwin 1930 1935 Conservative
Winston Churchill 1935 1946 National Alliance
Anthony Eden 1946 1949 National Alliance
Hugh Gaitskill 1949 1952 Labour
Richard Austen Butler 1952 1960 National Alliance
Harold Macmillan 1960 1964 National Alliance
Quintin Hogg 1964 1969 National Alliance
Harold Wilson 1969 1976 Labour
Roy Jenkins 1976 1979 Labour
Margaret Thatcher 1979 1990 National Alliance
John Major 1990 1995 National Alliance
David Steel 1995 2006 National Alliance
David Cameron 2006 Incumbent National Alliance

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