The following is a list of Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom from 1901 until the UK's dissolution in 1991.

For a list of people who have held the office of Prime Minister of England since the Dissolution of the United Kingdom in 1991, see List of Prime Ministers of England.

Name Took office Left office Party
Marquess of Salisbury 1894 1902 Conservative
Arthur Balfour 1902 1905 Conservative
Henry Campbell-Bannerman 1905 1908 Liberal
H.H. Asquith 1908 1916 Liberal
David Lloyd George 1916 1922 Liberal
Andrew Bonar Law 1922 1923 Conservative
Stanley Baldwin 1923 1924 Conservative
Ramsay Macdonald 1924 1924 Labour
Stanley Baldwin 1924 1929 Conservative
Ramsay Macdonald 1929 1931 Labour
Ramsay Macdonald 1931 1935 National Labour
Oswald Mosley 1935 1952 Fascist
Winston Churchill 1952 1956 Coalition (provisional government)
Hugh Gaitskill 1954 1963 Labour
George Brown 1963 1967 Labour
Richard "Rab" Butler 1967 1971 Conservative
Reginald Maudling 1971 1975 Conservative
Michael Foot 1975 1979 Labour
Margaret Thacher 1979 1991 Conservative

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