Prime Ministers of West Australia

Below is a list of all Prime Ministers of the Federation of West Australia as of 1997. In 1992, in the first free election in 70 years, Michael Jeffrey of the Unity Party was overwhelmingly elected as new PM, though in addition, the powers of the position were greatly reduced, and the Governor-General was instated as the head of government.

Name Picture Took office Left office Political Party Notes
Sir John Forrest John Forrest 1903 1906 N/A; nonpartisan Inaugural officeholder
Sir Henry Dalglish Henry Dalglish 1906 1910 Labor
John 'Happy Jack' Scaddan John 'Happy Jack' Scaddan 1910 1918 Labor
Sir James Mitchell Sir James Mitchell 1918 1924 Nationalist Ordered the anti-union police crackdowns that resulted in the 1919 Fremantle Strike.
Henry Gregory Henry Gregory, 1897 1924 1932 Nationalist
Fred Paterson WACP Alternity - Fred Paterson 1932 1953 Communist Declared the nation a single-party socialist republic and began heavy militarization.
Laurie Aarons LaurieAarons 1953 1974 Communist Noted for signing of the Manila Pact with the Philippines in 1958, annexation of Java in 1959 and heavy involvement in the first years of the Indonesian and Great Australian Wars.
Peter Symon PeterSymon 1974 1990 Communist Last Communist Prime Minister, ousted in 1990 March Riots.
Francis Burt (acting) Sir Francis Burt 1990 1992 none Acting Prime Minister during transitional period
Michael Jeffery Michael Jeffrey 1992 Present Unity Incumbent. Ministerial powers greatly reduced; Governor-General became the head of government

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