Prime Ministers of the Kingdom of Cleveland:

Ray Mallon

Prime Minister 1995 to 2012

Ray mallon

Former Prime Minister Ray Mallon

Born 15th June 1955, (died 18th February 2012) Thornaby-on-Tees, North Yorkshire, England.

Early life

Ray Mallon was raised in Thornaby-on-Tees, Yorkshire, a working-class town near Middlesbrough and Stockton-On-Tees, the only child of Joe and Pauline Mallon. His father was a coalman and then undertaker. Ray Mallon was a keen amateur boxer and from an early age Ray Mallon was encouraged to maintain physical fitness.

A keen swimmer, as a teenager he captained the under-20 Great Britain water polo team and went on to represent his country over 50 times. He has said that one of the main reasons he joined the police was because of the opportunity it gave him to train.

Cleveland Police Force

Ray Mallon joined Cleveland Police on his 19th birthday in June 1974, the force itself being established 1st April 1974.

In 1983 Ray Mallon was a Sergeant based in Hartlepool, at the time of the doomsday attack he was assisting other officers attending a burglery at a farm near the village of Elwick. He witnessed the flash through the thick sea fog present at the time of the attack from the first detonation over the North Yorkshire Moors while standing outside the farmhouse. Whilst trying to determine the reason for the flash (he was facing away from the detonation off the coast of Hartlepool and this saved his sight) he was then blown over by the blast wave and was knocked unconscious he also suffered three broken ribs when he landed on a plow in the farmyard.

After regaining consciousness he rescued a fellow police officer from the rubble of the farmhouse chimney that had collapsed in the blastwave. Of the three officers attending the burglary Mallon is the only one to survive without major injuries. Unable to contact anyone on his police radio for nearly ten minutes (it having been burned out by the EMP) he decided to make his way back to his police station for further orders, while traveling back into Hartlepool he discovered that there had been a major disaster, people walking on the road towards the high land surrounding Hartlepool, continuing in to the town he had to abandon his police car a mile from the town centre, discovering that Hartlepool had been nearly destroyed (later found to be caused by a tsunami) and that he was unable to help anyone he returned to his car and traveled to Cleveland Police headquarters in south Middlesbrough.

It took him 30 minutes to reach police HQ on arrival he found chaos, being the early hours of the morning the HQ had been operating on skeleton crew, with no superior officers present Mallon took command until a more superior officer could arrive. By sunrise on the 26th September it had become clear that there had been a major nuclear attack on the UK. Mallon began by asking officers to volunteer to patrol in cars not effected by the EMP, cars had all air vents sealed to reduce radiation particulates. Announcements were made from the police cars for everyone to stay indoors until told it was safe to move. At roughly 1pm Ray Mallon was shocked by an arrival at Police headquarters of Princess Anne and her young daughter Zara, they were offered shelter until evacuation could be arranged. By 3pm contact had been made with territorial army units in the local area, command is transferred to police HQ.

After three days contact had been made with various mines in the area including the ICI anhydrite mines under Billingham and Boulby Potash mine near Whitby. With no superior officers arriving Mallon orders the evacuation of the police, territorial army, the royal group and anyone else who can make it to the mines. Evacuation takes place on the 30th September 1983.

After five months underground the mines had begun to flood and Mallon orders that relocation to the surface is a priority police HQ is reoccupied on the 4th February 1984. After talks with various groups a provisional government is set up in March 1984 with Mallon as its chair.

  • Took office in 1995 after winning 68% of the vote in the first general election.
  • Won second general election in 2000 with 72%
  • Won third general election in 2005 with 77%
  • Won fourth general election in 2010 with a slim majority of 49%

28th August 2010 - PM Mallon announces his retirement at the 2015 election his Deputy PM Harry Jackman will lead the Royalist Party into the 2015 election.

Jason McCartney

  • Deputy PM from 2011-2012
  • Prime Minister 2012 to present
  • Born 17th July 1956 in Whitby, North Yorkshire.

PM McCartney took the post of Prime Minister upon the premature death of the former PM Ray Mallon on the 18th February 2012.

He is married with three children, he is the leader of the Conservative Party and currently leads the Cleveland Parliament with a Conservative/Royalist coalition

The next emergency General Election is to be held on the 22nd June 2012.

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