This is a list of Prime Ministers of Japan from when the first Japanese Prime Minister (in the modern sense), Itō Hirobumi, took office in 1880, until the present day.

Multiple terms in office, consecutive or otherwise, are listed and counted in the first column (administration number) and the second column counts individuals.

Prime Minister Term of office Political Party
Portrait Name Took Office Left Office Days
1 Itō Hirobumi Itō Hirobumi
伊藤 博文
21 December 1880 10 May 1901 7444 None
2 Masayoshi Matsukata suit Matsukata Masayoshi
松方 正義
10 May 1901 26 July 1904 1173 None
3 PM Kinmochi Saionji cropped Saionji Kinmochi
西園寺 公望
26 July 1904 21 December 1912 3070 Rikken Seiyūkai
4 Ōkuma Shigenobu Ōkuma Shigenobu
大隈 重信
21 December 1912 9 October 1916 1388 Rikken Dōshikai
5 Kiyoura Keigo Kiyoura Keigo
清浦 奎吾
9 October 1916 11 June 1924 2802 None
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