COA of Hungary

This a list of Prime Ministers of the Kingdom of Hungary between March 15, 1920. and 12, March 1942

List of Prime Ministers of Hungary


  Unity Party
  Party of National Unity
Portrait Name Assumed office Left office Political Party
Sándor Simonyi-Semadam   Sándor Simonyi-Semadam March 15, 1920 July 19, 1920 KNEP
Pál Teleki   Pál Teleki July 19, 1920 April 14, 1921 KNEP
István Bethlen   István Bethlen April 14, 1921 August 24, 1931 KNEP
István Rakovszky
October 21, 1921 October 26, 1921 Rival Government
Gyula Károlyi   Gyula Károlyi August 24, 1931 October 1, 1932 Unity Party
Gyula Gömbös   Gyula Gömbös October 1, 1932 October 6, 1936 Party of National Unity
Kálmán Darányi   Kálmán Darányi October 12, 1936 May 14, 1938 Party of National Unity
Béla Imrédy   Béla Imrédy May 14, 1938 March 12, 1942 Party of National Unity


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