The Prime Minister of the English Federated State is the highest civilian governemnt position in England, and exercises vast powers in a dictatorial capacity. Modelled on the office of the Prime Minister of France from the 1930s to the present, the English Prime Minister is a textbook case of a Sorelist dictator. The office is considered the successor to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, though the Prime Minister of the UK had fewer powers, and was tied to the will of the House of Commons and the Monarchy.

List of Prime Ministers of England

# Portrait Name Years in Power Notes
1 470px-Bernard Law Montgomery General Bernard Law "Monty" Montgomery 1947-1962 Officer and War Hero in the British Army in the Second Global War; Former MP in the 1920s; fled to France in 1930; became leader of Sorelist influenced English Defence Council; estarted British Isles War to re-establish United Kingdom in 1951
2 Enoch Powell John Enoch Powell 1962-1973 Trusted Lieutenant of General Montgomery; lead a resistance force in England to National Socialist Rule in the Third Global War for the English Defence Council
3 Sir Edward Heath Allan Warren Edward Richard George Heath 1973-1992 After weeks of political manoeuvring after Powell's death, Edward Heath managed to gain control of the English Defence Council, and became the longest serving PM of England. Known as the "Steady Sailor" for his time in the Navy and his non-provocative foreign policy
4 431px-Margaret Thatcher Margaret Hilda Thatcher 1992-2001 The first female PM in the history of the British Isles, the "Iron Lady" dominated politics during Edward Heath's long illness and easily became the Leader of England after Heath's death
5 Jonathan Pryce Johnathan Pryce 2001-Present Current PM of England, he is more belligerent and forceful than his predecessors, especially in the European Liberation War

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