England has had numerous Prime Ministers in the years since the Revolution of 1909, which toppled King Edward VII and, over the course of serveral tumultuous years, effectively ended the old aristocratic system along with the Monarchy. Instability in the "Inter-Revolutionary Years" soon brought about the Socialist Revolution of 1920-22, which was a violent coup that ended with twelve years of effective Socialist rule, which modernized the impoverished country and made it a European player once more. Soon thereafter, the disastrous Irish War and deep depression of the 1940's gave way to the Anarchy), after which the modern Republic of England was formed in 1957.

Inter-Revolutionary Period (1909-1921)

Socialist Republic of England (1921-1950)

David Barham

Francis Cumberland

Neville Chamberlain

Winston Churchill

Jonathon Trenton

Francis Turley

Leadership during Anarchy (1950-1956)

Republic of England (1957-Present)

Name Picture Took office Left office Political Party Notes
Charles Morgan Charles morgan england 1957 1966 none First officeholder
Donald Sutcliffe Donald Sutcliffe 1966 1972 Labour First Prime Minister to defeat an incumbent Prime Minister in general election
Eustace Minor Eustace Minor 1972 1981 Conservative
Andrew Brantle Andrew Brantle 1981 1984 Labour
Stephen Norrington Norrington 1984 1987 Conservative
John Oliver John Oliver 1987 1990 Labour
John Cleese Cleesejohn2 1990 1998 Conservative First Prime Minister to resign during a Parliamentary term
Peter Stuart 1998 1999 Conservative
John Lennon John Lennon 1999 2005 Labour
Jeremy Irons Jeremy Irons1 2005 2008 Conservative Resigned due to scandal
Hugh Grant HughGrant 2008 2011 Conservative First Deputy Prime Minister to ascend to Premiership constitutionally
Jack Davenport JackDavenport2 2011 incumbent Labour Youngest Prime Minister in history

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