The Prime Minister of Elsevia (German: Ministerpräsident von Elsevien) is the chief executive of the government of the Principality of Elsevia. (S)he is appointed by the General Council of Elsevia.

List of Heads of Government

# Head of Government Took office Left office Party
1 Joris Bauer 29 January 1982 26 April 1990 Social Democrat Party
2 Arndt von Ingersleben 26 April 1990 4 March 1994 Liberal Party

Alois Kerner

4 March 1994 26 May 1998 Liberal Party
4 Dieuwer Laninga 26 May 1998 17 July 2002 Elsevian Labour Party
5 Hugo Langenberg 17 July 2002 5 January 2006 Social Democratic Party
6 Ferdinand Schreck 5 January 2006 1 February 2010 Liberal Party
7 Anton Martijn 1 February 2010 Incumbent Social Democrat Party

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