This is a list of Prime Ministers of Australia. The Prime Minister is appointed by the President, but the appointment is recommended by the House of Representatives, which must elect a candidate and submit their name to the President for appointment. The Parliament is elected by proportional representation and it is rare, but not unheard of, for a Prime Minister to hold a majority of seats.

The incumbent Prime Minister is Julie Bishop of the Democratic Liberal Party.

Editor's note: This list is identical to the one in OTL until 1914.

Name Took office Left office Party
Edmund Barton 1901 1903 Protectionist
Alfred Deakin 1903 1904 Protectionist
John Christian Watson 1904 1904 Labor
George Reid 1904 1905 Free Trade
Alfred Deakin 1905 1908 Protectionist
Andrew Fisher 1908 1909 Labor
Alfred Deakin 1909 1910 Liberal/Fusion
Andrew Fisher 1910 1913 Labor
Joseph Cook 1913 1914 Liberal
Andrew Fisher 1914 1918 Labor
William Morris Hughes 1918 1920 Labor
Sir Joseph Cook 1920 1925 Liberal
William Watt 1925 1925 Liberal
Edward Granville Theodore 1925 1930 Labor
Joseph Lyons 1930 1939 Liberal
Archie Cameron 1939 1939 Country League
Robert Menzies 1939 1944 Liberal
Norman Makin 1944 1951 Labor
Richard Casey 1951 1958 Democratic Liberal
Harold Holt 1958 1962 Democratic Liberal
William McMahon 1962 1964 Democratic Liberal
Arthur Calwell 1964 1969 Labor
Paul Hasluck 1969 1971 Democratic Liberal
Malcolm Fraser 1971 1977 Democratic Liberal
William George Hayden 1977 1987 Labor
Paul John Keating 1987 1993 Labor
Andrew Peacock 1993 2001 Democratic Liberal
Gareth Evans 2001 2005 Labor
Julie Bishop 2005 Incumbent Democratic Liberal

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