The Office of Prime Minister did not exist in the Anglo-Dutch Union until the reforms of 1901, Prior to this the most important civilian office was that of chancellor and the powers associated with that of a Head of Government were divided between the cabinet.

Name Picture In Office Political Party Notes
Arthur Balfour 7th March 1901 - 16th September 1905 British Conservative Party First official Prime Minister of the UK, Forced out of power a year after WW-I began.
Wilfrid Laurier 17th September 1906 - 7th of June 1911 Canadian Liberal Party Was not associated with either of the two major voting blocks (The Conservative Union and The Religious Democrats) Instead building a center left coalition of MP's from all parties. Also led the Grand Coalition during WWI.
Pieter Cort van der Linden 8th June 1911 - 10th December 1923 Christian Democrat Alliance First PM to survive more than one term and oversaw the vast majority of the interwar period up until the stock market crash.
Calvin Coolidge 11th December 1923 - 13th May 1933 Christian Democrats Was elected for three terms but died in 1933, two years into his third term.
Winston Churchill 14th May 1933 - 13th September 1940 Liberal Democrats Took over the premiership from Calvin Coolidge and went on to lead the Union through the second world war.
William Lyon Mackenzie King 14th September 1940 - 15th December 1945 Canadian Liberal Party Last PM to not from one of the main voting blocks, His premiership represented an effective carrying on of the WW-II grand coalition with the absence of some of the religious democrats.
Winston Churchill 16th December 1945 - 15th January 1955 Liberal Democrats Won the premiership with the support of the British Conservatives and used them to displace more authoritarian members of his parliament.
Willem Drees 16th January 1955 - 20th March 1963 Dutch Labor Party First Socialist Coalition PM, Took a leading role in the early Cold War conflicts and thrown out during the Italian War.
John Diefenbaker 21st March 1963 - 16th October 1970 Christian Democrats Took over during the Italian War during a call for a more militant government.
Harold Wilson 17th October 1970 - 30th July 1975 British Labour Party The last Socialist Coalition PM for twenty years, Defeated in a landslide by Margaret Thatcher.
Margaret Thatcher 1st August 1975 - 12th January 2000 (1991-2000 was spent only as PM of the British Isles and the Netherlands). Liberal Democrats The longest serving PM, Oversaw the Juhanite side of the Civil War.
Neil Kinnock 15th January 1991 - 7th November 1996 (De Jure only from the end of 1991) British Labour Party PM for the Beatrixian side of the civil war during its first half until he was killed during the USA's counterattack. Shared Power with the First Sea Lord Matthia Van Till during the civil war.
First Sea Lord Matthias Van Till 23rd November 1991 - 12th October 1998 (De Facto only) Dutch Labour Party Only Military Leader to hold the position of head of government. Effectively acted as a De Facto Military Dictator of the Beatrixian forces in the civil war, Married to Princess Beatrix and killed during the battle of Scarpa Flow. Shared Power with Neil Kinnock and then Gordon Brown.
Gordon Brown 8th November 1996 - 24th July 2001 (De Jure only 1996-1998) British Labour Party Initaly shared power with the First Sea Lord taking on sole power after the First Sea Lords death.
Gordon Brown, Margaret Thatcher and Pim Fortuyn 25th July 2001 - 24th September 2002 4th Convention Parliament Brown, Thatcher and Fortuyn together chaired the Convention Parliament, an interim body that governed the reunited Union for a year in order to establish laws relating to war criminals and the governance of the Union.
Pim Fortuyn 25th September 2002 - 18th March 2005 Progressive Conservative Party Despite being from the Netherlands the former Right Wing commentator refused to join the Conservative Union due to Homophobic viewpoints within the party. Instead he formed a coalition with social leftists in the Conservatives and Rightists in the Socialist Coalition before being replaced by Jan Peter Balkenende when his coalition, never commanding a large majority, lost three seats in by-elections.
Jan Peter Balkenende 19th March 2005 - 9th March 2010 Conservative Union Took over from Fortuyn when the Conservative Union and the British Conservatives gained enough power to govern without the support of Fortuyn's Progressive Conservatives
Ed Balls 8th March 2010 - 5th May 2015 British Labour Party Took over after eight years of effective Conservative rule as a result of new ongoing conflicts in former Dutch Colonies.
Pim Fortuyn & Dan Jarvis 6th May 2015 - Present Progressive Conservative Party & British Labour Party An massive upswing in support for the radical right wing Union First Party and the Greens left neither the Socialist Coalition or the Conservative Union able to hold together a majority without including radical parties. A government of national unity was therefore formed under Dan Jarvis and Pim Fortuyn, the only leaders the two groupings were able to agree on.

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