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List of Presidents of the United States of America (Presley's and US)

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List is the same as OTL before 1985

40: Ronald Reagan (Rep) 1981-1985; VP George H.W. Bush 1981-1985

41: Elvis Presley (Ind) 1985-1993; VP George H.W. Bush 1985-1987, Ross Perot 1987-1993

42: Ross Perot (Ind) 1993-1997; VP James Stockdale 1993-1997

43: Tom Harkin (Dem) 1997-2001; VP Bill Bradley 1997-2001

44: George W. Bush (Rep) 2001-2009; VP William Cohen 2001-2009

45: Lisa Marie Presley (Ind) 2009-; VP Matt Gonzalez 2009-

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