1789-1797: George Washington (Federalist)

1797-1801: John Adams (Federalist)

1801-1809: Thomas Jefferson (Democratic-Republican)

1809-1813: Alexander Hamilton (Federalist)

1813-1821: James Madison (Democratic-Republican)

1821-1825: Aaron Burr (Democratic-Republican)

1825-1833: John Quincy Adams (Federalist)

1833-1841: Andrew Jackson (National Republican)

1841-1849: Sam Houston (National Republican)

1849-1852: Henry Clay (American Freedom)

1852-1861: Winfield Scott (American Freedom)

1861-1869: Charles Adams (American Freedom)

1869-1873: George Pendleton (National Republican)

1873-1874: Charles Sumner (American Freedom)

1874-1877: Abraham Lincoln (American Freedom)

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