This is the list of United States Presidents

# Portrait Name Term Length Party Vice-President(s)
1 427px-John Hancock 1770-crop John Hancock 1789-1793 (died in office) Federalist George Clinton (1789-1793)
2 George Clinton by Ezra Ames George Clinton 1793-1797 Democratic-Republican John Adams
3 John Jay2 John Jay 1797-1805 Federalist Charles Cotesworth Pinckney
4 CharlesCPinckney Charles Cotesworth Pinckney 1805-1813 Federalist Rufus King
5 DeWitt Clinton by Rembrandt Peale DeWitt Clinton 1813-1821 Federalist John Marshal
6 220px-Henry Clay Henry Clay 1821-1833 Democratic-Republican John C. Calhoun
7 HLWhite Hugh L. White 1833-1840 (died in office) Whig Daniel Webster
8 DanielWebster Daniel Webster 1840-1849 Whig Willie Person Mangum
9 Lewis Cass 1848-1856 Lewis Cass 1849-1853 Democratic William O. Butler
10 Winfield Scott 1855 Winfield Scott 1853-1857 Whig William A. Graham
11 John C Fremont John C. Frémont 1857-1865 National Union William L. Dayton
12 Hannibal Hamlin (GTtB!) Hannibal Hamlin 1865-1869 National Union Benjamin Butler
13 Horatio Seymour - Brady-Handysmall Horatio Seymour 1869-1877 Democratic Francis P Blair, Jr.
14 SamuelJonesTilden Samuel J. Tilden 1877-1881 Democratic Thomas A. Hendricks
15 William T. Sherman (GTtB!) William T. Sherman 1881-1889 National Union John Sherman
16 James Weaver - Brady-Handy James B. Weaver 1889-1897 Populist James G. Field
17 WilliamJenningsBryan1896-1900 William J. Bryan 1897-1905 Democratic Arthur Sewall
18 President Theodore Roosevelt, 1904 Theodore Roosevelt 1905-1917 Progressive Hiram Johnson
19 Charles Evans Hughes 1913-1917 Charles E. Hughes 1917-1925 National Union Charles W. Fairbanks
20 457px-John William Davis John W. Davis 1925-1933 Democratic Charles W. Bryan
21 AlfredSmith Al Smith 1933-1941 Democratic Joseph T. Robinson
22 ThomasDewey Thomas E. Dewey 1941-1949 National Union Wendell Willkie
23 StromThurmond Strom Thurmond 1949-1953 Dixiecrat Fielding L. Wright
24 Douglas MacArthur Douglas MacArthur 1953-1957 National Union Earl Warren
25 225px-AdlaiEStevenson1900-1965 Adlai Stevenson 1957-1961 Democratic Estes Kefauver
26 Nelson-Rockefeller-9461384-1-402 cropped Nelson Rockefeller 1961-1969 National Union Barry Goldwater
27 220px-Robert F Kennedy crop Robert F. Kennedy 1969-1974 (assassinated) Democratic Hubert Humphrey (1969-1974)
28 Hubert Hubert Humphrey 1974-1981 Democratic Walter Mondale
29 GeorgeHWBush George H.W. Bush 1981-1989 National Union Bob Dole
30 Bob Dole2 Bob Dole 1989-1997 National Union Ron Paul
31 Al Gore, Vice President of the United States, official portrait 1994 Al Gore 1997-2005 Democratic Joe Liberman
32 Official portrait of John McCain (2009) John McCain 2005-2013 National Union Mitt Romney
33 Joe Biden Joe Biden 2013-current Democratic Hilary Clinton

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