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List of Presidents of the United States Senate (Federation of Nations)

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The President of the Senate was created by the 1785 constitutional convention in lou of making the vice president the preciding officer.

# President Party Term of Office Home state
1 Richard Henry Lee none 1787-1791 Virginia
2 Ralph Izard Federalist 1793-1795 South Carolina
3 Samuel Livermore Federalist 1797-1801 Connecticut
4 Abraham Baldwin Democratic-Republican 1801-1807 Georgia
5 Samuel Smith Democratic-Republican 1807-1811 Maryland
6 William Harris Crawford Democratic-Republican 1811-1813 Georgia
7 John Gaillard Democratic-Republican 1813-1819 South Carolina
8 James Barbour Democratic-Republican 1819-1825 Virginia
9 Samuel Smith Democratic-Republican 1825-1829 Maryland
10 William Henry Harrison Republican 1829-1833 Ohio
11 Hugh Lawson White Republican 1833-1835 Tennessee
12 John Tyler Republican 1835-1837 Virginia'
13 William Rufus King Democrat 1837-1841 Tennessee

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