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This page lists all presidents of the United States since the Yellowstone Eruption.

  Republican Party, later any non-Democrats
  Democratic Party

List of Presidents

No.PortraitPresidentTook OfficeLeft officePartyVice President
32 Franklin D. Roosevelt Franklin D. Roosevelt
March 4, 1933 December 7, 1939 Democrat John Nance Garner
33 506px-John Nance Garner John Nance Garner
December 7, 1939 January 20, 1945 Democrat Vacant (1939-1941)

Claude Pepper (1941-1944)

34 Wallacewj Wallace White Jr.
January 20, 1945 March 31, 1952 Republican Theodore R. McKeldin
35 Thedkel Theodore R. McKeldin
March 31, 1952 January 20, 1953 Republican Dick Poff
36 Harry F Byrd Harry Byrd
January 20, 1953 January 20, 1961 Democratic Sam Ervin (1953-1957)

L. Brooks Hays (1957-1961)

37 WNT Walter Tobriner
January 20, 1961 January 20, 1969 Democratic George Fallon
38 Allen Alton Lennon
January 20, 1969 January 20, 1973 Democratic James Latchum

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