#33 Joseph P. Kennedy 1941 - 1949

Joseph Kennedy
Kennedy was chosen as the Democratic nominee in the 1940 election, and won a close race against his republican challenger Wendell Willkie. Kennedy preached a program of non intervention in europe, but held a tough line against Japanese expansion in Asia. He slowly disestablished FDR's social policies and returned to Calvin Coolidge's message of "the business of america is business". He beat Robert Dewey in the 1944 election on his record of keeping america out of the european war, and that the Reich had created one vast new market in europe.

#34 Robert Taft 1949 - 1953

Taft defeated James Byrnes in the 1948 election. He continued Kennedy's policies with business, but was more isolationist in international affairs. At home he curbed the influence of labor unions, and disassembled most New Deal policies. Died in office, July 1953.

#35 Harold Stassen 1953 - 1961

Harold Stassen 1957-1965

#36 John F. Kennedy 1961 - 1969

John F. Kennedy, Sr

#37 Richard M. Nixon 1969 - 1977


#38 Ronald Reagan 1977 - 1985

Ronald Reagan

#39 John Connally 1985 - 1989

John Connally231

#40 George H. W. Bush 1989 - 1997

George H. W. Bush, President of the United States, 1989 official portrait

#41 Bob Dole 1997 - 2005


#42 George W. Bush 2005 - 2013

#43 Mike Huckabee 2013 -

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